We live in Northern Italy, in the region Emilia Romagna, the origins of the place we live gave inspiration for the name of our small kennel

AEMILIAS derives from the ancient roman "Via Aemilia", a very long way which is crossing & connecting the whole region from East to West. I liked the idea of the name "Aemilias Red Way" since it connects the origins where we live with a way of living, way of living these gorgeous little red dogs.

I actually felt in love with the breed more than 10 years ago, when the desire about getting a second dog as companion for Kimba, our beloved yellow Labrador Retriever of now eight years age, got always stronger.  Since I love dog sport disciplines such as obedience and dogdance/freestyle, I wanted to get a dog with great drive and motivation, and as well I liked the idea of a medium sized dog, more agile, fast, and versatile. Since I have been in love very much with the friendly and pleasant character of the retriever breeds, I could not find all those characteristics in other breeds I had considered, furthermore I loved also retrieving (dummy) work, that I practised already  with Kimba, so the final choice for dog no. 2 was the smallest of the retriever breeds, the little red Canadian so called "toller".

Once taken the decision about the breed,I started to collect information about breeders from abroad, and started to study bloodlines, plenty of sleepless nights I passed on pedigrees, photos, and writing emails, reading books and forums and all I could find online, about the breed.

Only some year later I had finally some idea about the type of toller I liked, And so, a very hot day in August, I took a flight to Belgium, to take home my little Hailey of Great Pleasure, who stole my heart very soon.Further to Kimba and Hailey we always had cats that help us to socialize our puppies.

I attended a modern dog trainer's course in 2006-2007 and participated at many seminars and workshops with well-known international relators, such as Suzanne Clothier, Sheila Harper, Anke Bogaerts, Ian Dunbar,Neil Short, Heidi Bilkvam, Shauna Wenzel, Anna Maria Cini, Vallentina Balli, and many more.


Quality, not quantity.

I only do few litters which I select very careful. The dogs I am choosing I always know personally and follow their lines usually for years before taking decisions,

My breeding goal and dream is the "full package"... a typical toller fully in standard of the breed, with all natural working instincts and attitudes. Dogs that are successful as well in the showring than in a hunting or working test, or other dog sports, athletics dogs that arefit for function.

But not only, I also wish that my dogs have a friendly, social character and are relaxed around other dogs and all living beings, I wish my dogs to be balanced and solid, mentally as well as in good health., above all.

My dogs are tested with all genetic /DNA tests which are available for the breed, as well for HD/ED dyplasie, yearly eye check and heart checked.

Thanks to my toller friends all around the world I always know and see many tollers which is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, verify my own breeding program, and get important information about the lines I am going to use.