Aemilias Once Upon a Dream -Arielle

International Show Champion - Alpensieger '16
Born 05.05.2013

Hips - HD:  FCI A1

Elbows - ED: 0/0

PRA:: A (clear)

CEA: A (clear)

JADD: probable clear /normal 

CLPS: clear /normal

CP1: clear /normal 

DM: clear /normal 

DEN: clear /normal 

ECVO EYE Exams with gonioscopy: March 2017 all clear


4x BOB 2x BOS

5x CAC 5x Cacib 1 RIS.CAC 

1 Cacib San Marino 1 Cacib Austria, Alpensieger Winner 


Obedience (FCI Competition): Beginners

Working Test Beginners

Arielle is born to be happy, an airy spirit jumping around the world, therefore her name - “Ariel” inspired by the from Shakespeare’s play “the tempest”.  She was smiling from the very first moments she was born, directly into my hands. The smallest puppy of the litter, always very active on the move, trying eagerly to catch up her brothers and her sister, in everything. She was always on top of the bundle.

That special little girl I felt in love from the very first moment, it soon got clearer and clearer that she would be my keeper. 

A small but very femmine girl with a lovey head and expression, well balanced in structure, nice angulations and bone. She reminds me very much her -well known - grandmother in Sweden, Ankinova Thasha, and her daddy Filho born with the same happiness and will to please.  

Arielle is a mix of sensitivity and obstinacy, which can make training challenging sometimes. She is a little smartypants knowing it, most of the time, better than everybody else, and can be quite creative in proposing her own solutions getting things done in her very own way. It is real good fun to train her, you just need to be patient and assertive. She is very fast, often too fast for me :-), reactive, learning with great speed (also the things you would not want her to learn).

We have a very special bound, in the good and the bad, since she is very sensitive to my emotions and sometimes it makes it difficult, when entering a competition and I usually am nervous, she might start to worry for me. On the other hands it makes a great team cooperating together which are the happiest moments of every day. She is my everyday joy, definitely.

Arielle is born with great passion for everything that can be retrieved, birds included... she retrieved spontaneously already as a little pup. She loves tracking and to use her excellent nose, there is much drive in her, without getting her noisy during work, things she is really excited about are definitely balls, and .. water!. 

I am training and preparing her on dummies for working tests and in FCI competition obedience.