Hailey of Great Pleasure

Italian Champion, Junior World Winner 2009, San Marino Young Champion
Born 18.06.2008

Hips - HD: 4:5 = 9  (BVA - Willis)

Elbows - ED: 0/0

PRA:: B (carrier) - Optigen

CEA: B (carrier) - Optigen

Eyes: clear (no hereditary diseases)


Italian Champion

Junior World Winner 2009

Young San Marino Champion

10x BOB in Italy, Austria, Germany, 5xBOS

2x CAC Austria, 1x CAC Germany 


Obedience (FCI Competition): Class 1

Working Test Beginners

Hailey arrived after years of watching this breed and it's quite different types. Every time I saw a certain type of toller I felt in love with, there had been similar lines in the pedigrees behind and so I decided for her to arrive, from Belgium. My first own toller, a very special girl. Hailey seems full of herself but only apparently, if you know her better you can see how much she needs our approval and praise. Anyway she is a self-confident dog, she can take distance on walks and often tries to do things after her own ideas and decision. She can be rather creative in that. She is a natural food stealer, whereever you might forget a small piece of comestible, it is getting hers in a very short lapes of time. Be sure, she will find it.  She is a very beautiful girl maturing early, we won different show titles in early age. Hailey loves to retrieve and is naturally birdy, her big passion is water... she cannot be silent at the water, it is too exciting for her...  being my first toller I actually made many training mistakes and did not teach her enough to be calm in certain situations. Hailey is a very smart and charming girl, funny, she can be a real actor and likes to see us laughing, so she often acts like a little clown. She loves to search mices and all types of small animals. You can have a lot of fun with Hailey, she is never afraid of situations and loves to explore new things, she is very very curious, and always does her best since she wants you to be happy with her. She is very special and today I wish I would have been a better handler and trainer in our first years together, I think she could have obtained really nice working results, but I still had too few experience.